Suggested System Configuration

Faith Inkubators' materials are distributed using three main formats: Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint and MP3 audio. In order to fully use these files, here are the suggested computer configurations:

  • Computer Hardware
    DVD-ROM drive if using a Faith Inkubators curriculum disc

  • Computer Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 8.1 or 10
    Mac OS 10.7 or newer

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Version 5 or newer

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Version
    PowerPoint 2010 or 2013 for Windows (32-bit version is highly suggested to ensure full-compatability*)
    The latest PowerPoint for Mac

  • Apple's free QuickTime Player if playing the QuickTime version of the PowerPoint presentation (Download)

Additional Notes:

  • *Microsoft recommends that all Windows-users install the 32-bit version of Office/PowerPoint unless you have a specific need for the 64-bit version.

    If you have 64-bit PowerPoint for Windows installed, it will not play the embedded QuickTime animated videos due to Apple's lack of producing a 64-bit version of QuickTime Player for Windows. Hopefully Apple will create a 64-bit Windows version of QuickTime player soon.

    If you have installed the 64-bit version of Office/PowerPoint, the 32-bit version should be available for install on your Office Installation Disc or via download from Microsoft. Simply uninstall the 64-bit version and reinstall the 32-bit version.

    Here is Microsoft's official recommendation for installing 32-bit Office/PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.

Please note: These suggestions are subject to change without notice as the above software is updated by their developers.

The curriculum files may work on software older than the required versions listed above. But, we are not able to support the files running on the older software.

Art by Dr. He Qi