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1: I'm currently an H2H, Bible Song and/or Faith Stepping Stones member. How do I log into the Faith Inkubators Membership Area to download my resources?

You can log into your Membership Area by clicking the "Member Login" button to the left.


2: I want to RENEW my Faith Inkubators membership. How do I do that?

Click here to get started.


3: Why do I have to become a member to get my resources?

Faith Inkubators uses an intellectual property license agreement as its model for distribution of resources. Since “atoms” (physical resources) are only a part of the benefits of membership, this model assures an ongoing relationship between member churches and Faith Inkubators. Members enjoy an online community, training opportunities, digital teaching aids and a constant flow of new, fun resources. FINK doesn’t simply want to dump a “curriculum” on you and call it good. We are committed to listening and responding to our members, and to reengineering our systems and resources annually with our partners’ feedback built into the loop.


4: Does one membership cover all of your systems and resources?

No. Each of our Inkubators (systems) has its own 12-month membership available. You can license any number of memberships to best fit your ministry needs.


5: Why do you ask for proof of our Average Weekly Worship Attendance (AWWA)?

Our prices are based on a church’s AWWA. Smaller churches pay less than larger churches. We ask for a copy of your most recent report to your denominational headquarters to help assure we get an accurate number. In past years, we received inaccurate information from some churches, resulting in some churches paying more than they should and some paying less. Documentation of AWWA builds accountability – on both sides of the equation – into the system.


6: How long is the membership year?

Most of our memberships run from September 1 through August 31 each year and are automatically renewed unless you notify us prior to September 30 that you wish to cancel membership. Please give our Membership Department a call at 888-55FAITH if you have any questions on membership terms.


7: When do I get my materials?

Resources leave our headquarters within two business days of your order. We ship all membership materials via UPS Ground.


8: What if I want to cancel my annual membership?

If you choose to cancel your membership in any system for any reason, you agree to stop using your Faith Inkubators resources when the term of your license has ended. You will need to sign and return a Membership Cancellation Form for our records (and yours). Please call our Membership Department toll-free at 1-888-430-0762 to get this form.


9: Your systems contain an incredible amount of ministry resources. Do I need a lot of training?

No. If you love God, like kids and are willing to do some reading and networking, you’ll be fine. If you want more, Faith Inkubators offers a variety of training opportunities to get you going and keep you refreshed. Please visit our training area for details on the various training opportunities we offer around the US and Canada.


11: Are your electronic resources Mac-compatible?

Yes. In the past the PowerPoint videos were encloded using Adobe Flash Video. The videos in PowerPoint are not QuickTime movies and are compatible with the latest PowerPoint for Mac and Keynote for Mac.


12: I am from Canada (or outside the US). How do I order a new or renewal membership?

We have many international members. Please call the Faith Inkubators membership department for personalized International ordering information at 651-430-0762 or drop us an e-mail at info@faithink.com.



Art by Dr. He Qi