Bible Song Cross+Gen Journals

At Church:

• Participants can follow along with the story, as each journal is beautifully illustrated with the same cartoons seen in the PowerPoint Presentation.
• Families can use their Journal to play the “Name that Verse” game and tally their score!
• Families can use the Journal to review the story in FAITH5 Small Group Time.

At Home:

• Participants can use the Journal to review the story each night.
• Journals serve as a daily reminder, helping each home to stay committed to the FAITH5 nightly check-in.
• Journals become a memory book, as they use the space provided to journal their daily high & lows and prayers.

If your church budget allows, consider gifting households with these journals as a way to send the message that FAITH5 every night at home is important and expected.

Or consider purchasing a few that can be passed around on the first day so people can flip through them. Then simply pass a clipboard for folks to sign up to order one.