Head to the Heart™

A Confirmation Resource

Help young people think critically about their faith, develop a culture of care, and experience creative faith practices in Christian community.

Head to the Heart (H2H) helps churches transform adolescent faith formation from lecture/classroom to the most authentically relational/experiential model of confirmation.

H2H is based on the latest in adolescent brain research engaging young people in meaningful action/reflection, empowering them to live what they learn, and stay engaged long after they are confirmed!

H2H connects God’s story to OUR story through art, music, skits, and gameshows, while building lasting caring relationships in Christian community.


Head to the Heart Journals:
A Great Addition, But Not a Requirement for the Head to the Heart System

As Head to the Heart (H2H) developed, Faith Inkubators added features and made changes based on what users were suggesting. H2H had always included a copy of all handouts as part of the main Adobe Acrobat file for each lesson. Churches were free to print out whatever they needed for their setting. Back in 2006, some users requested a pre-printed option for the H2H handouts. Out of this request, and a lot of development, the Head to the Heart journals were born.

There are churches who have come on board since the H2H journals have been available who may not realize that the journals, while great, are not required. The content in the journals is almost identical to the content available in the standard, printable handouts included with each Head to the Heart lesson.

As professional printing costs have risen and our users have moved more to electronic distribution, we decided that continuing to print and warehouse these journals was not something the new Faith Inkubators could take on. So, the remaining stock of journals and use of their masters remain under the control and distribution of Rich and Arlyce Melheim and FAITH5 Inc. (https://www.faith5.org).

Each Head to the Heart lesson contains everything a church needs to teach, including prep materials and handouts not only for kids, but for leaders and parents at home. H2H churches can feel free to print whatever they need when they need it. The journals, while a great resource, remain an additional add-on.

We’re grateful to those churches who have used the journals over the years and look forward to developing and sharing new means of distribution in the coming years.