The Life of Jesus Journal (Limited quantities remain of this optional journal)

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A Tool at Church

  • Provides a durable, spiral-bound, full-color alternative to photo-copied handouts

  • Saves time – no need to print youth or home handouts or create packets for youth and Guides

  • Cuts copying costs and wear-and-tear on the church printer

  • Helps small group Guides by providing an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process for small group discussion 

  • Enhances each lesson with a narrative summary of the theme and includes role plays, questions to ponder, quotations, cartoons and more

  • Provides an easy way to get make-up materials to youth who miss confirmation sessions

A Tool at Home

  • Provides an easy, non-threatening tool for engaging families in nightly faith talk with FAITH5

  • Teaches and encourages the valuable practices of self-reflection and journaling

  • Provides a written record of a youth’s faith journey

  • Provides the daily FAITH5 Bible verse and space to record highs, lows, and prayers

  • Helps parents “keep up” with what is taught at church

Part or all of the journal cost can be moved from the church budget to confirmation families. Having made the investment in the H2H Journal, parents have more of a stake in making sure the journal gets used at home.