The Lord's Prayer Journal (Limited quantities remain of this optional journal)

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There's a beautiful piece of prayer poetry straight from the heart of Christ. It reveals who God is, how God is to be addressed, and how God's good and gracious will can come alive in our thoughts, hearts and lives. The Lord's Prayer is known and whispered by a couple billion people on the planet every week. Come explore how it can help strengthen and deepen your understanding of God, your world, and your own life.

This 10 theme set, plus the nightly journal to help you thrive - not just survive - through the chaos of our post-modern world.

Included Lessons:

  1. Our Father
  2. Hallowed
  3. Kingdom Come
  4. Will Be Done
  5. Daily Bread
  6. Forgive Us
  7. Time of Trial
  8. Deliver Us From Evil
  9. The Doxology
  10. Lord's Prayer Review