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by Dr. Rich Melheim and Bob Lenz

Wouldn’t you love to have <18> faith-forming experiences with your kids before they turn <18>?

<18> is a funny and thought-provoking exchange between friends from different Christian traditions.

<18> is an insightful look into the science and theology of early faith formation from a doctor in linguistic philosophy, a youth evangelist, and an artist/mother. They expose the urgency of sharing God’s love with people under the age of <18>.

<18> speaks to every stage of development and season of life. Through deeply personal stories, Bob and Rich offer encouragement, challenges, and practical advice from firsthand Experience.

These <18> experiences are simple but profound. Each practice is easily personalized to fit families of all shapes, ages and sizes, enriching the lives of both children and adults.

Dr. Rich Melheim founded Faith Inkubators and the Cross+Gen Movement. He has written 24 books, produced 24 Scripture music albums, created 7 stage plays, and thousands of skits and resources for children, youth, family and Cross+Generational ministry. This husband and father of two creates preschools in India, Ethiopia and the US, and speaks in 50+ cities a year on topics ranging from the neurology of early learning to the value of Christian grandparenting.

Bob Lenz is a man who loves people, enjoys life, and has an intense passion to communicate the hope of the gospel to the world. Bob speaks to more than 500,000 people a year with the goal of instilling hope in youth. He serves as president of Life Promotions, whose mission is to reach youth before they turn eighteen. He is married to Carol and together they have five children and ten grandchildren.