Luther: The Coloring Book

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Color along with the story of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation with these stunning original inks by the award winning artists, Jonathan Koelsch and Sherwin Schwartzrock straight from the pages of Luther the Graphic Novel and the stage of Luther the Rock Opera.

Hear martyr Jan Hus screaming from the stake, predicting: “In 100 years I will answer!” as his executioners taunt him. Leap through time 96 years and join a young law student in an electrical storm as he makes a promise to St. Anne (Virgin Mary’s mother): “Save me, St. Anna, and I will become a monk!”

Color through Luther’s quest for peace with God, his frustration with church corruption and his own spiritual torment. Join him in the Black Tower of Wittenberg University as he finds his peace in the amazing grace of God. Meet Johann Tetzel as he promises forgiveness of sins for a price. Follow Luther’s articulate anger as he nails his 95 Theses to the chapel door on All Hallows Eve (October 31, 1517). Color Luther’s students as they translate his objections into a dozen languages and watch 18,000 copies fly across the empire.

Color the young protestor as he faces his Inquisitions. Follow the German knights, princes and peasants as they rally around their national hero against the power of the Pope and Emperor. Stand with Luther as he makes his case at the Diet of Worms and announces the three words that bring the Medieval Era to an end and birth the Modern Era: “Here I stand.”

Color the kidnapping by his protector, Elector Fredrick. Watch the world unravel as the French invade Italy, the Turks invade Hungary, the English split from Rome, the new Pope conspire against the Emperor. Color Charles V’s soldiers as they sack Rome and take the Pope captive. Follow Luther to his wedding to ex-nun Katrina von Bora and the peasants as they burn 10,000 churches and castles and are crushed by the princes. Stand with the Protestant princes as they kneel before Charles V and demand freedom of death at Augsburg. In the end, follow Luther to his dying breath, and the Emperor to his abdication, seclusion and death, alone in a solitary monk’s cell in Spain, surrounded by a wall full clocks!

This is a story of all time, for all time. Color it and make it your own.