The Ten Commandments Journal (Limited quantities remain of this optional journal)

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The Hebrew slaves were free! They wandered into the wilderness in search of a home, a land, and an identity. God gave them the Ten Commandments to shape and mold them into a people after God's own heart. What do a bunch of 4000 year old laws have to do with a young life today? You don't have to dig too deep to learn the answer: plenty!

Explore God's good and gracious will for your life in cartoons, games, role plays, art and a short devotional using this 10 theme set. Record your highs, lows and prayers each night on the journal pages provided.

Lessons included:

  1. Gods and Idols
  2. Name in Vain
  3. The Sabbath
  4. Honoring Parents
  5. Killing
  6. Adultery
  7. Stealing
  8. False Witness
  9. Coveting
  10. Ten Commandments Review