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Every 500 years or so itís not a bad idea to take a look at the roots of your identity.

Your story.

Your heritage.

Where you came from.

And consider where you might be going.


What would you think about doing this for a Sunday, a summer, a season or maybe even the entire 500th Reformation Anniversary year, 2017?

These resources are dedicated to helping you do just that.


Graphic Novel

A stunningly beautiful, humorous and historic treatment on the life of Luther, his quest for peace with God, his bold stance against abuses of the church, and the tectonic shifts in international politics that changed the world. (With special appearances of Emperor Charles V of Spain, King Henry VIII of England, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, and Mary, Queen of Hungary (Charles Vís little sister… who later became a Lutheran!)


Color Books

Beautiful coloring books on Lutherís early life. Start with the electric storm that sent Luther to the monastery. Move through his struggle to find peace with God, to his Black Tower experience, to the Wittenburg Church door where he nailed the 95 Theses, to his trial, kidnapping and later life.

Luther Resources >

Art by Dr. He Qi