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Eight different CDs ten songs per CD.  And each original song uses a key scripture passage as its lyrics.  These lyrics are just not "based on" some Bible passage...they are the actual passage, set to music by some of the most gifted Christian songwriters and musicians in the world.  For you. 

Collect all 8 Faith Stepping Stones Music CDs.  Sing Your Way Through The Scriptures while you or someone you love learns key passages from the Bible…for life.

Please note:  All Faith Stepping Stones Music CDs are two-CD sets. 

No Greater Joy CD

No Greater Joy Music CD
(Stone 1)
Infants & Raising a Healthy Baby

Your Price $5.95


God Is Watching CD

God Is Watching Music CD
(Stone 2)
Toddlers & Raising a Healthy Toddler

Your Price $5.95


As For Me

As For Me Music CD
Two-CD Set
Kindergartners & Entry Into School
Stepping Stone #3

Your Price $5.95


Attentive To Your Word Music CD
Two-CD Set
Young Readers & My Bible
Stepping Stone #4

Your Price $5.95


Come to the Water

Come To The Water Music CD
(Stone 5)
Elementary Youth & Livin' Forgiven (Holy Communion)

Your Price $5.95


Walk in My Ways

Walk In My Ways Music CD
(Stone 6)
Young Teens & Surviving Adolescence (Entry into Confirmation)

Your Price $5.95


As I Pay My Vows

As I Pay My Vows Music CD
Two-CD Set
Teens & Confirmation
Stepping Stone #7

This CD is only available digitally. It can be downloaded from the iTunes Music Store and


Here Am I

Here Am I, Send Me Music CD
(Stone 8)

Your Price $5.95


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