FAITH5™ Course

FAITH5™ Course


This fun and engaging 6-session resource creates the home as a church, and the church as a home.

Over 6 weeks, it will help you take your small group, large group or entire church through the 5 simple steps of connecting church to home every night.

It will equip leaders and families with the tools and know-how to implement FAITH5 into the core of their nightly family bedtime routine, and at the core of the congregational children, youth and family faith formation strategy.

Detailed Description

The Holding Your Family Together Course

Resources include:

1 Video Teaching DVD with:

  • 6 Theme Songs in music and American Sign Language (ASL)
  • 21 Video Teaching Segments by Dr. Rich Melheim, creator of FAITH5
  • 6 Family Stories of households who tested FAITH5 for six weeks

1 Course CD-ROM with:

  • 6 PowerPoint Presentations with step-by-step instructions for easy leading
  • 6 Themesong Lead Sheets and Piano Scores
  • 6 Family Art Projects
  • 7 Bulletin Inserts
  • 7 Promotional Posters
  • 7 Invitational Postcards

1 Sample Copy of the 11 x 17 HYFT Course Workbook
(One book per participant is recommended)

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  • Discussion Questions with space for writing and discussing thoughts during the teaching session
  • Video Links to Bible Songs and American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Video Links to online teaching by Dr. Rich Melheim
  • Video Links to Family Faith Stories from households who tested FAITH5 for 6 weeks
  • Advanced Research on FAITH5 from the 100 City Tour
  • Home Huddle Journal for nightly recording of highs, lows, scripture, discussion, prayer and blessing
  • 24 pages, 11 x 17 (Spiral bound)

1 Sample Copy of the "Holding Your Family Together" Book: A fun and practical guide to the FAITH5
(One book per household is recommended)

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  • The psychology, sociology, neurology and theology of engaging with FAITH5 every night are discussed in this humorous and touching book
  • 84 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon (Nothing but 5 stars!)
  • Includes discussion questions for in-depth nightly family Home Huddles
  • Video Links to Bible Songs and American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Plus a year's worth of links to online Bible verses with fun and engaging songs and games
  • 240 pages, 6 x 9 (Paperback)

Additional Information
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