Cross+Gen Life Tour
Christ the King Lutheran Church
222 Pfau Street
Mankato, MN
Tuesday, May 30, 2017


There is something very new, yet very old stirring in the church. Maybe this year the next new thing - and the next Reformation - will start with you intentionally combining the wisdom of the elder and the wonder of the child in the same sacred space every week, and in each otherís prayers every night in every home. Join Rev. Dr. Rich Melheim and friends to explore the future of faith formation in the Post-Television, Post-Sunday School, Neo-Google World.

PRICING (see pricing grid below):

Church leaders serious about exploring this systemic change are encouraged to bring a team of staff, board members, worship leaders, parents and volunteers from every age group in the church. The crazy pricing grid (below) for the Cross+Gen Life Tour is our way of encouraging you to bring a team from your church. The Admission Fee is actually LESS per person for each additional person you bring, starting with two people from your church. BETTER YET, if you bring 10 or more from your church, your Admission Fee is FREE!

PLEASE NOTE: Those registering together must all be from the same church and must stay for the entire event. If you register 7 or more people and check in at the event with fewer people than were registered online, your credit card will be charged for any additional admission fees.

Cross+Gen Life Tour



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Art by He Qi