Faith Stepping Stones<br>2017-2018 <b>FIVE STONE</b> Membership

Faith Stepping Stones
2017-2018 FIVE STONE Membership


Getting started with Faith Stepping Stones (FSS) always begins with an annual FSS membership, based on your congregations Average Weekly Worship Attendance (AWWA).

Current FSS Members: Looking to add additional Stones to your current membership year? Call the Faith Inkubators membership department at 888-55FAITH for special prorated prices.

MAIL OR FAX: If you would prefer to send us your order via fax or postal mail, please download a Faith Stepping Stones Membership Agreement. (PDF) Please Note: Memberships paid by check must be sent via postal mail.

ONLINE: To view your annual membership rate and begin placing your order online using a credit card, please choose your AWWA from the drop-down list below.

FSS FIVE STONE Membership:
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