Attentive to Your Word CD (Scripture Songs for Young Readers)

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Two-CD Set

Disc One = Vocal Mix.

Disc Two = Instrumental Mix. Use this CD to sing-along at church or at home!

Many churches present a Bible to young readers - a Bible that goes home and sits on the shelf. At Faith Inkubators, we don't want to give a Bible. We want to give the gift of home devotions every night in every home.

These ten Scripture songs are the first in a series of 120 key Bible verses written to help young people and their parents “Sing Through the Scriptures”. Learn these songs with sign language in Sunday School, use them at church as part of a complete worship service for Bible Presentation Sunday, and follow them up with a nightly “Home Huddle” to set healthy patterns for your family.

This isn't memory work! It's memory fun! And it's for the whole family.