Faith Stepping Stones Annual Membership (2021-2022)

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*We understand that with COVID-19, in-person worship attendance has been disrupted. We are asking churches to use the average weekly worship attendance (AWWA) figure they most recently reported to their denominational headquarters.

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This product includes an instant-download digital file containing all digital resources. You will receive a download link as soon as your payment is successfully processed.
This annual membership license expires on August 31, 2022.

Membership in Faith Stepping Stones includes access to ALL 8 STONES for one membership year.

Access to ALL 8 Faith Stepping Stones means you have all the resources you need for a comprehensive, cradle-to-graduation family ministry system. Any Stone can be used alone as the basis for a terrific Christian parenting course.

Using all 8 stones as a comprehensive family ministry system will carry your families through all stages of parenting, giving them tools and age-appropriate resources along the way.

Annual membership access to ALL 8 Stones provides maximum flexibility to use these resources in the way that best fits your unique setting.

Average Weekly Worship Attendance
Faith Stepping Stones
Annual Membership
1-50 $109
51-100 $169
101-200 $239
201-300 $319
301-400 $369
401-500 $439
501-600 $499
601-700 $589
701-800 $659
801-900 $739
901-1000 $819
1001+ $899


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