Head to the Heart™ Confirmation Ministry (2021-2022 Annual Membership)

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Head to the Heart Confirmation Ministry

You can learn more detailed information about Head to the Heart HERE.

You can download a free sample of Head to the Heart HERE.

Head to the Heart (H2H) is a holistic approach to confirmation ministry. More than a program or curriculum, H2H connects the head (knowledge) to the heart (personal faith). The H2H faith formation system creates critical thinking, deeply caring, faithful young people while building connections at church and at home.

With Head to the Heart, youth discover that learning about God is fun, enabling them to retain what they learn and helping your church retain the kids!

Want to get the most out of H2H? Purchase H2H Journals for each of your students and Guides. Journals are great for use at church during Small Group Time and for use at home during FAITH5 Home Huddles.  

This product includes instant-download digital files containing all digital resources. You will receive a download link as soon as your payment is successfully processed.

This annual membership license expires on August 31, 2022.

An annual Head to the Heart membership is based on your congregation's verified Average Weekly Worship Attendance (AWWA).

Current Annual Membership Rates:

Average Weekly Worship Attendance

Head to the Heart
Annual Membership Rate

1-50 $99
51-100 $189
101-200 $349
201-300 $529
301-400 $699
401-500 $829
501-600 $989
601-700 $1099
701-800 $1249
801-900 $1409
901-1000 $1549
1001+ $1699



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