The Old Testament Journal (Head to the Heart)

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Talk about a dysfunctional family! It all started with an old childless couple from Iraq leaving home and wandering south to follow a promise. If they would take this journey of faith, God promised to bless the whole world through them. Twenty-five years later a baby was born to Abraham and Sarah. That baby, and the baby's baby's babies turned into a nation, a people, and a story that launched ten thousand stories and still shapes our world today.

Who were these people? How did God use them - in spite of their weaknesses, faithlessness, and failures - to bring hope, healing and Christ to the world?

This 10 theme set uses cartoons, role plays, games and art to bring the Hebrew Scriptures alive today and helps you see your connection to the story, the promise and the call to continue blessing the world.

Lessons included:

  1. Old Testament Overview
  2. Creation
  3. The Fall
  4. People of the Promise
  5. The Promise Continues
  6. Moses and the Wanderings
  7. Of Tents and Kings
  8. The Psalms
  9. Wisdom Literature
  10. Voice of the Prophets

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